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Halo Wars

Been playing with the Halo Wars demo, and I really like the game. It is well done for an RTS on the Console. It doesn’t have the depth a RTS on a pc has, troop limits prevent zerging opponents for instance. However it’s a decent game.

I have played skirmish now, and basically got it down how to beat the Covenant when you’re playing Marines on Heroic:

Build up your defenses first. Build all four turrets. Get the tech building done first, then start on supply. Build more supply buildings before upgrading them, it’s cheaper that way. Use your warthog to find all the unclaimed crates you can all over the map while you’re building up your buildings defenses. Do not build any barracks, or air fields or vehicle factories. Just build the Armory, and, three tech buildins, and the rest supply on your first fortress. Research turret upgrades as soon as possible. Set the first two turrets as anti tank and the rear turrets as anti infantry. The rear turrets will attack the honor guard slicing at your front turrets. Research Mac upgrades.

Once you’ve gotten to the 2nd mac upgrade, start researching warthog upgrades. Get all three and build 4 more warthogs (in addition to the first you start with). Once you have 5 warthogs attack the unclaimed base on your right and build turrets, supply crates and if you want barracks, vehicle and air factories.

Defense strategy: be vigilant! Heal your turrets immediately. Once you have warthogs use them. Use your MAC attacks to take out wraiths. This will work for a long time, long enough to get your second base built and 10-15 fully upgraded warthogs.

Attack strategy: take out the lower left hand base first. If the AI started building there that’s where all the factories will be, once you take it out all you will have to face is a Leader and Honor guards. Build supply units only once you have this base. You should be able to take it out with a handful of warthogs. Final base: attack the shield guard first, then the temple. By this time I have about 5 vultures. With 5 vultures and fully upgraded MAC you’ll take the AI base out in less than 10 seconds.

In the beginning build in this order:

Tech building
Defense turrent (front)
Defense turret (front)
Defense turret (back)
Defense turret (back)
Tech Building
Upgrade supply buildings
Tech Building
Upgrade supplies

Upgrade turrets, upgrade mac, upgrade warthog
build 5 warthogs attack base on the right, defend base at all times!