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I updated my Python Oauth Client Library so that it actually works now!

Here’s an example of how to use it:


(using Twitter)

def myCallback ( data ):
  print "data: %s" % data

c = oauthConsumer.Client( consumerKey, consumerSecret, requestTokenURL, accessTokenURL, authorizeURL, "" )
c.requestAuth( myCallback )
c.requestSession( oauth_token, oauth_verifier, myCallback )
#data: oauth_token=20687908-snoIXOqT7StBdYtyeatV0fAzxLTB0DYklIgBh8klx&o...
print c._sessionSecret
print c._sessionToken

Now make requests via createRequest

update = c.createRequest( path="/statuses/update.json", callback=myCallback) = { "status":"testing pyoauthconsumer oauth client python library I'm working on" } )
#data: {"truncated":false, ... }

You can see the post made with this example here.



I just got another email by Softpedia. It had the exact same text for my irc client as the last one except now they’re adding me to the Windows section. Funny thing is this time whoever looked at my app clearly didn’t know that the Mac version of their site had added me already and went ahead and produced more screenshots. The screenshots produced for the Windows section are all pretty terrible and they just went ahead and copy and pasted my help section. Had he known about the earlier addition, he could have used the better description and screenshots added for the Mac portion of the site.

In other related news, “I use this” has added the client too.

Also since my Macbook is still in the shop, I can’t get any work done on it. :(