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It’s been a long year. I have been working my Diomedes Adobe AIR IRC Client since at least April of last year, but I didn’t commit anything until June 7th (2009). Well now that it’s been a full cycle around the sun, I have made some changes.

  • I’ve fixed all remaining worst bugs that I know of.
  • I am now going to create a two-app system where 0.2.0 stays stable, with only critical bug fix updates and an alpha-app which will have the latest bleeding edge updates. Previously, updates could severely break the client for all users when automatic updates were installed, but no more. New features will be included only in minor version updates.
  • Updated the README information required for individuals interested in contributing.

Coming soon in 0.3.0:

  • SSL support.
  • Per channel logging.
  • Customizable channel view (with CSS and HTML!)
  • UI overhaul

A site design overhaul is coming for too!

Of course, Diomedes is open source and hosted on GitHub!


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