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Was looking for some Java development downloads and came across this beauty:

Warning: Pre–release software is Apple confidential information. Your unauthorized distribution of pre–release software or disclosure of information relating to pre–release software (including the posting of screen shots) may subject you to both civil and criminal liability and result in immediate termination of your ADC Membership.

Great. I always love being threatened with legal action for no reason. It really makes my fucking day. With no negative intent in mind, just wanting to get some work done suddenly I find myself reminded that I’m in possible legal jeopardy. And for what? What’s the deal here? Do I really need this negativity in my life? Do I really give a fuck about developing for Apple anymore or even using Apple products? I was afraid of switching from my iPhone to a Nexus One because I thought maybe I would end up with a terrible phone with an awful UI, cutting off my nose to spite my face. In reality it turns out the Nexus One is a very nice phone and I don’t need Apple.

I don’t need Apple’s negativity. I don’t need to deal with Steve fucking Jobs & Co.’s control and button issues, because there are alternatives. For now I’m sticking with Mac OS X, but man Apple, take a fucking chill pill. Please. I think I’ll have two of those myself.

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