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These instructions will walk you through how to use Google Closure Templates with your own closure set up, using goog.require and goog.provide.

First make sure you know how to use goog.require and goog.provide for your own code.

Secondly, read the instructions for using Google Closure Template with JavaScript.

The easiest way to get all of this to work nicely is to use a directory structure such as this:


Explaining these directories:

Where all of your JavaScript files are, your path to this place is probably different.

Where the Google Closure Library source code lives (closure-library-read-only/closure/goog/).

Where your application’s code is.

Where you’ll have the Google Closure Template generator put your compiled template (JavaScript) files.

Where you need to put Google Closure Template’s JavaScript files. Otherwise you’ll get this error:

Exception: Missing provider for (soy)

Where you’ll put your .soy files.

When you generate your template files use the –shouldProvideRequireSoyNamespaces parameter to make sure you add the correct goog.provide and goog.require statements.

When you call the template compiler be sure to make sure it’s putting them into the right place (/media/js/app/templates).

Make sure the namespaces you use in your templates adhere to the directory structure you’re using so that goog.provide and goog.require work correctly. For example:

For a template called “” (/media/templates/ use


as your namespace. This file should create a “hello_world.js” by the generator (/media/js/app/templates/hello_world.js).

In your require.js (/media/js/app/require.js) add


and you should be good to go.

Make sure you give the path to /media/js/soy to the Google Closure Compiler (not the template compiler, when you’re compiling your actual JavaScript app) when you generate your deps.js or release with the -p option.

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