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These instructions are for connecting to your company’s wifi with the Nexus One (or other Android 2.1 device) without using a certificate:

From your home view, click the menu button and go to settings -> Wireless & networks  -> Wifi settings.

If you see the Wifi network you want to connect to click it and a whole host of options should appear. If you don’t see it but you know the Network SSID (basically the name of the network that you see when you’re connected) you can type it in. Some wifi networks don’t broadcast their SSID for security reasons.

For the first option, ask your network manager about encryption type, but you can check an existing wireless device that’s already configured and connected (such as your laptop) to see what it uses. More than likely it’s simply PEAP or whatever the default option the device is showing you for that field.

Ignore certificates.

identity is the username field.

Ignore “anonymous identity” field unless someone told you not to.

Enter in password.

Click connect.

That should be it. If you are on an active domain (that is you log into a Windows network via SERVERNAME\username – SERVERNAME is your domain) type it into the identity field: SERVERNAME\username if you tried using just your username and it did not work.

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  1. Hey, this is not working. What happens is that I see the particular SSID and when I click it, it shows only WEP and asks only for a password, whereas I need to use WAP2 Enterprise with a login and password.
    When I try to create a profile using the second method, it never identifies itself with the existing network.
    Please help.

  2. Hrm, I recommend speaking with your wifi’s network admin about how to proceed. Sorry I can’t be more help.

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