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I have long suspected that not many people were using Google Wave due to lack of notification tie ins with communication tools people actually use such as email, Twitter, IM, etc. Now it’s confirmed (sorta)! From their blog (emphasis mine):

While you’re building your extensions, if you’d like them to be included in the gallery, please be sure to submit them for review. You may also want to check out Mashable’s Google Wave API Challenge.

via Google Wave Developer Blog: Introducing the Google Wave Extensions Gallery.

Mashable has had quite a few challenges, and I don’t think anyone has ever mentioned them. Seems like an act of desperation! I am just kidding, however I do think that their unwillingness to connect Google Wave to real email and IM services has left them with a product nobody wants to check, especially since it hasn’t achieved any kind of critical mass. I suppose the rationale is that by not connecting with real email and IM you force the transition to this supposedly new technology without having people depend on what they’re used to. Don’t think that’s working out for them. :O


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