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One of my biggest problems with vim has been figuring out how to edit normal text. Vim seems suited best for code, small lines with hard new line carriage returns at the end. Well I just discovered this bit below which may lead to me using Vim for all text editing, even non-coding for now on!

10.6. How do I jump to beginning or end of a sentence, paragraph or a

You can use the following motion commands to jump to the beginning or end
of a sentence or a paragraph or a section:

      motion  position    where
      (       beginning   current sentence
      )       end         current sentence
      {       beginning   current paragraph
      }       end         current paragraph
      []      end         previous section
      [[      beginning   current section
      ][      end         current section
      ]]      beginning   next section

Each of these motions can be preceded by a number which will extend the
jump forward (or backward).

For more information, read

    :help object-motions

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