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I don’t have anything in .bashrc-local that emits any text so I never thought anything of it. However, what the heck, nothing else has worked, so I used the clue from the above link and did this

 if [ ${TERM} != "dumb" ]; then  test -s ~/.bashrc-local && . ~/.bashrc-local  fi  

and, by gosh, now I could sftp to this server! What the heck! Well, I do color code my servers’ login screens by using a program by Moshe Jacobson called color. So, my .bashrc-local was emitting characters, though not text, when I would ssh or sftp to the machine. Adding the test for “dumb” fixed the problem.

I was printing the linux/unix ‘fortune’ program out put from my .bashrc on ubuntu and couldn’t connect via sftp. The advice on that site solved my issue. Yay.

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  1. Jacobson’s Color sounds helpful, but the link is no longer active – “404”. Went looking for the source, but it’s not on freshmeat or sourceforge. Can you post the source? Thanks.

  2. Ah sorry, I don’t use that. I was just posting about the sftp error solution. :)

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