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Sending a request from a content script looks like this:

chrome.extension.sendRequest({greeting: "hello"}, function(response) {  

Sending a request from the extension to a content script looks very similar, except that you need to specify which tab to send it to. This example demonstrates sending a message to the content script in the selected tab.

chrome.tabs.getSelected(null, function(tab) {  
  chrome.tabs.sendRequest(, {greeting: "hello"}, function(response) {  

Very important to note that from an extension you use *chrome.tabs.sendRequest* (note the *tabs* instead of *extension*) and from a contentscript you use *chrome.extension.sendReuest* (note the *extension* instead of *tabs*)

Totally different methods. Completely tripped me up for about an hour.

Posted via web from Apphacker’s learning curve


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