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You can’t. It’s not possible. Stop searching now, you are wasting your time.

JSONP can not be used to issue HTTP POST requests.

JSONP is just a fancy name for a process by which you simply add a <script> tag to your page and set the src attribute to the resource available at or whatever cross domain service you want to get access to via JavaScript while operating under a same-origin policy. Those script tags will issue HTTP GET requests and posting a status update or using Oauth on Twitter requires an HTTP POST method. 

Twitter cares a lot about HTTP and REST and implemented an API that adheres to a proper REST process.

The HTTP RFC dictates that you only use POST to modify state and data on the server. An update is a request to modify state. A GET is only used for requesting data and should never modify state.

Got it? Are you sad?

Here’s a picture of a puppy and its stuffy to help you feel better:

Cute puppy with stuffed toy

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