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I don’t know why I read Techmeme anymore. The technology focused blogs don’t really cover technology, they cover websites and gadgets. If they really covered technology they’d probably talk about things that were actually interesting. To call the niche an echo chamber is an understatement. They all cover the same topics, the same events, linking to each other and providing their own flavor or perspective on the same thing. Those perspectives are not very interesting or insightful and given that the topic isn’t very interesting to begin with who cares.

Tech blogs don’t care about technology, and they care about pageviews. Which is fine, they’re a business. Fox news caters to idiots because there are a lot of idiots, there’s a market for it.
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Take for example today’s news that Google is going to push real time tweets on its search engine result pages. This horrible idea involves an animation that actually pushes down the real search results you wanted to find. That vertical space is replaced by a never ending stream of people you don’t care about saying things you don’t care about. I switched to Bing a few weeks ago (better search results for things I care about with none of the bullshit Google has been adding). What Google has done here is bad. But for about a year now tech blogs have gone ape shit anything involving real time, because it’s the new meaningless fucking fad to invade their sorry lives. Of course the same tech blogs also go ape shit whenever Google has an update. When ever have any of these techblogs cared about new programming languages? Never, of course the exception is when Google released Go, suddenly a new programming language is big news. Mix Google and Real Time in the same story and you get tech bloggers in a frenzy.

Good ideas don’t need an echo chamber, people will find them without blogs. It’s just so depressing. I want real news, interesting news.

Dear tech bloggers. From me to you, I’d like to pass this message: you suck.

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